Saturday, July 24, 2010


These are options currently available to come with the gift basket/hamper of your preference.

Most of our Cookies are made in our own homes to maintain the taste and quality. We prefer the classic cookies that have been proven to be favourites by most. The cookies currently available are :
1. Pineapple Tart
2. Makmur
3. Mazola/Kacang
4. Almond London
5. Chocolate Chip Cookies
6. White Almond Cookies
7. Bangkit Santan
8. Samperit

Same goes with our Crunchy Munchies options and they come in large containers in most of our gift baskets/hampers. They are Kerepek Bawang, Rempeyek, Popiah Simpul, Kuih Gunting and Batang Buruk Muar. Any of the Crunchy Munchies can be replaced with our fresh Bahulu too.

Our My Mom's traditional delicacies are all homemade and made with love by our mothers and grandmother. Therefore we consider these delicacies to be our most unique products. These delicacies are Acar Buah, Beef Serunding and Dodol.

The Raya Gift options are all embroidered items that are lovely for your home during the festive season. It could be a tablerunner, napkins and placemats. However, we can and did in the past prepared hampers with more expensive Raya Gifts such as tea sets and crystal wares to match the budget of our customers.

Should you have any specific preference, just talk to us. Some of other items we have provided for our customers previously were fruitcake, sparkling juice, Beyh Royale herbal drink, kurma, nougats, etc.